Tianjin Xing Tong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd

As a company integrating research and development and manufacturing, we are committed to providing high reliability submersible pumps and Accessories

Xing Tong Precision Casting

Xing Tong precision casting products can operate stably in extreme environments

Xing Tong processing equipment

Xing Tong precision casting production and processing equipment performance is international first-class, so our product quality has a reliable guarantee

Xing Tong workshop

Xing Tong Precision Casting Factory workshop strictly comply with 4S Workshop management system

The design of Xing Tong precision casting

Xing Tong Precision Casting has a complete and advanced design and deployment of the implementation of the team and technology

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TOP News

Tianjin Xing Tong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. first passed the ISO9001 Quality Management system certification in November 2014.

Technical Guarantee

Tianjin Xing Tong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Through the certification includes: ISO9001. The company will continue to devote more human and material resources to ensure the stability and traceability of the company's products.

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Design and development

Tianjin Xing Tong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. invested a lot of money for technological innovation. Company's existing staff of 450 people, senior engineer more than 10 people, technical cadres 34 people.

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Product Traceability

In order to ensure the completeness of retrospective information, the efficiency of data collection, accuracy and the feasibility of data acquisition, our company adopted and constructed retrospective data collection.

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Company history

Tianjin Xing Tong Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Since this Division I always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, science and technology to the road, and strive to quality products and services in the International oil field.

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Xing Tong Precision Casting Products Overview

Xing Tong's products are quality assurance, is the credibility of the entrust.

Even in the harshest environment, star-pass precision casting products can still work very stably. Through the modular system engineering, star-pass precision casting improves the reliability of the products, and improves the smoothness of the work by improving the mechanical properties of the impeller and the Guide shell. Star-Pass Precision casting can also provide the installation of key parts in the field. We are committed to quality of service and strict control over the process of service.
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